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Swades Star Gayatri Joshi and Husband Vikas Oberoi’s Shocking Car Accident Claims Lives of Elderly Swiss Couple

Swades Star Gayatri Joshi and husband Vikas Oberoi find themselves in the midst of a shocking multiple-car collision tragedy in Italy. Their car was part of the chaotic scene, which unfortunately claimed the lives of an elderly Swiss couple.

Gayatri Joshi, famous for her role in Swades, is currently in Italy with her husband Vikas Oberoi. They were involved in a car accident that resulted in the tragic loss of a senior couple. Gayatri assured the Free Press Journal that both she and her husband are “absolutely fine” despite the harrowing incident. The collision occurred in Sardinia and took a devastating turn when a high-end Ferrari caught fire, claiming the lives of the Swiss couple.

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What reportedly happened in Italy

The portal quoted Gayatri, who said, “Vikas and I are currently in Italy, and we had a frightening accident here. Thankfully, we’re both safe and sound, thanks to the grace of the Almighty.”

According to the portal, the collision unfolded when a Lamborghini and the couple’s Ferrari attempted to overtake a camper van simultaneously, resulting in the Ferrari catching fire and the van overturning. This dramatic incident occurred during the Sardinia Supercar Tour, where luxury cars dazzle the streets from Teulada to Olbia. Apparently, the shocking accident was captured on video and quickly surfaced online for all to witness.

More about Gayatri Joshi’s film debut

Gayatri won Femina Miss India International title in 2000, signalling her entrance into entertainment world. Gayatri first made her acting debut with Ashutosh Gowariker’s masterpiece Swades in 2004, portraying Geeta alongside superstar Shah Rukh Khan despite receiving accolades from critics of Ashutosh’s work. However, shortly thereafter she decided to step back from public view; marrying businessman Vikas Oberoi soon afterwards and starting family life with two beautiful children together.

Gayatri can often be seen out and about in Mumbai; last year she and her husband met Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan at an memorable gathering. But in 2019, Gayatri made headlines when she fell victim to credit card fraud, losing over Rs40,000 through fraudulent withdrawals on her card allegedly obtained illegally by third parties who then duplicated it to make fraudulent withdrawals, according to Hindustan Times reportage. A police officer investigating said, at first glance “at first blush it appears to be card cloning,” where someone illicitly obtained her card details before duplicating and withdrawing fraudulent withdrawals took place over time using multiple cards issued with different numbers from different banks than those issued originally by others claiming authority.” A police officer investigating stated “at first glance it appears likely this case involves card cloning where someone illicitly acquired details in order to duplicate it to make fraudulent withdrawals.” – reported Hindustan Times reportage of course!

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