lunar eclipse 2023

Chandra Grahan 2023: When and Where Will it be Visible in India?


A lunar eclipse is an astronomical event in which the Sun, Earth, and the Moon align in a straight line, with Earth’s shadow falling on the Moon. Lunar eclipses come in three types: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, Partial Lunar Eclipse, and Total Lunar Eclipse.

Information on the Lunar Eclipse in 2023

2023 will see four lunar eclipses, two of which will be visible to Indian viewers. The initial lunar eclipse occurred on May 5, but was not visible here in India; its counterpart, scheduled to happen during Sharad Purnima weekend October 28-29 and visible here, is scheduled as a Partial Lunar Eclipse where part of the Moon’s surface is covered by Earth’s shadow and visible only during that nighttime timeframe.

When and Where Will the Lunar Eclipse be Visible in India?

On October 28-29th 2023, there will be a lunar eclipse visible throughout India beginning at 11:30 pm and ending at 02:24 am on both nights, lasting for 1 hour 16 minutes at its maximum duration. All parts of India should experience this remarkable spectacle!

lunar eclipse 2023

Precautions During the Lunar Eclipse

During a lunar eclipse, pregnant women and individuals with health issues are advised not to venture outside. Engaging in religious activities is also discouraged during the eclipse. The period of a lunar eclipse is considered inauspicious, during which temple doors are closed, and worship rituals are halted.

Scientific Significance of Lunar Eclipses

Lunar eclipses are important astronomical events that help us gain greater insights into the solar system. At lunar eclipses, scientists study both the surface of the Moon and its environment during eclipse events as well as measure Sun/Earth positions to gain further knowledge on solar system structure.

Religious Significance of Lunar Eclipses

In Hinduism, lunar eclipses are considered significant religious events. People observe fasts and perform acts of charity during lunar eclipses. After the eclipse, individuals take a ritual bath and offer prayers to the Moon.

How to Safely Observe a Lunar Eclipse

To safely watch a lunar eclipse, special equipment such as eclipse glasses or solar filters must be utilized. Watching with just your naked eyes could result in irreparable eye damage; telescopes or binoculars with attached solar filters are another viable choice for viewing purposes.

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A lunar eclipse is a significant astronomical and religious event. It provides an opportunity to learn more about the solar system and enhance one’s spirituality. Ensure you observe the lunar eclipse safely and enjoy this celestial event.

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