entertain a bored cat

How to Entertain a Bored Cat


Cats are naturally playful animals, yet even they can get bored from time to time if there aren’t as many stimulating experiences available to them in an indoor setting. Indoor cats tend not to receive as many opportunities for stimulation compared to outdoor ones.

If your cat seems bored, here are a few strategies for entertaining it:

1. Provide a variety of toys.

Cats often tire quickly of playing with the same toys, making it important to rotate them regularly and offer various kinds such as feather wands, balls and puzzle toys.

2. Schedule regular play sessions.

Set aside at least 15-20 minutes a day to play with your cat – this will provide bonding time while providing them with much-needed exercise! Play time together provides both of you with much-needed benefits.

3. Create a stimulating environment.

Set up spaces for your cat to climb and explore, such as shelves or cat trees. Also provide them with window seats so they can observe wildlife outside.

4. Use puzzle feeders.

Puzzle feeders provide your cat with mental stimulation while rewarding him or her when they solve one. Food disburses when solving each puzzle successfully.

5. Play hide-and-seek.

Hide treats or toys around your house and let your cat find them; alternatively you could play hide-and-seek yourself! Cats love playing this simple yet engaging game.

6. Teach your cat tricks.

Teaching your cat tricks is an engaging and entertaining way to keep him or her mentally stimulated and entertained. There are numerous tricks you can teach your feline friend such as sit, stay and shake that may keep them mentally stimulated and happy.

7. Provide fresh catnip.

Catnip is an all-natural herb with stimulating effects for cats. To provide yours with this benefit, give fresh catnip or buy catnip toys.

8. Set up a catio.

A catio is an outdoor enclosure for cats to safely enjoy nature, providing extra stimulation while remaining safe. If you have enough space, creating one may give your feline some much-needed stimulation.

9. Adopt another cat.

Adopting another cat may provide yours with companionship and playmate they otherwise wouldn’t find anywhere else.

10. Take your cat for walks.

Some cats enjoy going for leashed walks; taking yours on excursions provides excellent exercise and stimulation.

entertain a bored cat

Here are a few extra suggestions for entertaining an unruly feline:

Make homemade cat toys: There are numerous DIY projects for cat toys available that are simple and can be completed from inexpensive materials. 

Play with your cat using household objects. Indulge your cat by playing with household objects he will find entertaining such as balls of yarn or crumpled up pieces of paper.

Turn on the TV for your cat. Make time to watch videos that are specially made to entertain cats online, 

Build your cat a cardboard box fort. build her a cardboard box fort to hide in and play in! Cats love boxes; building one gives them somewhere stimulating to hide out in.

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By following these tips, you can help keep your bored cat entertained and stimulated – an essential factor for their physical and psychological well-being.

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