Canada wants to improve relations with India! Justin Trudeau wishes Navratri


Canada and India share an intricate relationship. Since 1947, both countries have been diplomatic partners, sharing close economic and cultural ties. Yet recently their relations have become tenuous.

One of the major obstacles in Canada-India relations is Khalistani separatism. Khalistan refers to an proposed Sikh homeland in Punjab, India; some Sikh Canadians support its formation; this has caused tensions between governments of Canada and India.

Another challenge to their relationship lies with trade: Canada currently owes India over $303 billion and many Canadian businesses have expressed displeasure with market access issues in India.

Canada and India have both expressed a mutual desire to strengthen relations. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a successful state visit to India that helped strengthen bonds between both nations.

Justin Trudeau wishes Navratri:

Justin Trudeau recently sent out a tweet wishing the Indian community an enjoyable Navratri festival, an eight-day Hindu event honoring all nine forms of Durga as represented by nine forms of her face – something widely celebrated both within India itself as well as around the globe.

Trudeau’s tweet was warmly received by Canadian Indian communities. Many saw it as an act of respect and appreciation towards Indian culture, while also taking steps toward improving relations between Canada and India.

Canada’s goal for Canada-India relations:

Canada-India relations aim at forging an effective, mutually beneficial partnership. Canada regards India as an emerging power with much to offer Canada; therefore it wants to collaborate on issues including trade, investment, security and climate change with India.

Canada and India share strong cultural ties. To foster these ties further, its government supports programs which facilitate cultural exchange between both nations.


What are the challenges in improving Canada-India relations?

Canada-India relations present several obstacles. One major barrier lies within Khalistani separatism – which refers to Sikh separatist groups’ plans for creating Khalistan in Punjab, India; some Sikh Canadians support such separatist movements which has caused tensions between governments of Canada and India.

One challenge in Canada-India relations resides within their economic relationship; trade deficits exist and Canadian businesses have expressed frustration over access issues within India’s markets.

Canada and India differ considerably culturally, which can often cause miscommunication and lead to tensions or even hostilities between their citizens.

How can Canada improve relations with India?

Canada can do many things to strengthen relations with India. One important step would be addressing Khalistani separatism – Canada could work closely with Indian officials on dismantling extremist groups in Canada that promote this cause.

An essential step is increasing trade and investment between Canada and India. Canada could achieve this aim through negotiations for a free trade agreement or by offering financial incentives for Canadian firms investing there.

Additionally, Canada can foster cultural exchange and understanding between Canada and India by supporting programs which bring Canadians and Indians together as well as promote Indian culture in Canada.

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Canada and India share a long and complex history. Since 1947, both nations have been diplomatic allies, sharing close economic and cultural ties; yet relations have recently become tenuous between them.

Canada and India have made clear their intent to improve relations despite these hurdles; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made his historic state visit last year as part of his state visit, which proved fruitful in developing closer ties between their nations.

Canada seeks to form strong and mutually beneficial relations with India. Canada views India as an emerging power with much to offer its relationship, so they hope to work closely on issues including trade, investment security and climate change with Indian counterparts.

Improving Canada-India relations presents numerous obstacles. Chief among them is Khalistani separatism; trade issues also present significant difficulties; as do cultural disparities between Canada and India that must be managed effectively.

Canada can improve relations with India by addressing Khalistani separatism, increasing trade and investment between Canada and India, and encouraging cultural exchange and understanding between our two nations.

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