Bihar Train Accident

Bihar Train Accident: 4 Killed, 100 Injured in North East Express Derailment


On Wednesday night in Bihar, six coaches of the North East Express derailed, killing at least four and injuring over 100 passengers as it made its journey from Delhi to Kamakhya in Assam en route for Kamakhya railway station near Raghunathpur railway station of Buxar district.

Rescue operations have begun and injured parties have been transported to nearby hospitals; several of those taken there are said to be critically wounded. Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his sympathies and best wishes for speedy recoveries of any injured individuals who may still require hospital care.

Details of the Accident:

On Wednesday evening at around 9.50 PM, the North East Express train derailed. At that time it was traveling at a speed of 100km/h when an accident took place; its cause is yet to be ascertained; it may have been related to track fault or another source.

Six coaches of the train, including two AC coaches, derailed during an accident. As they overturned and fell onto either side of the tracks, several passengers became trapped within them and needed to be freed by cutting through metal wreckage to reach safety.

Bihar Train Accident

Rescue and Relief Operations:

Rescue operations were immediately initiated following the accident, with teams from National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Indian Army, and Railway Protection Force (RPF) racing to the scene of the mishap to assist rescue efforts and free trapped passengers trapped beneath derailed coaches. The teams cut through wreckage of derailed coaches using metal cutters in order to access trapped individuals for rescue.

As soon as they were transported from their respective communities to nearby hospitals for treatment, several injured passengers were airlifted directly to Patna and Delhi for care. According to an announcement by Indian Railways’ Ministry, all medical costs will be covered.

Impact of the Accident:

Accident affecting Bihar Railway has caused major disruptions in rail traffic across the region and multiple trains were cancelled or diverted as a result of it, though attempts are currently being made by railway authorities to restore tracks as quickly as possible.

Accident has also raised serious safety questions over Indian Railways; recent years have witnessed several train collisions that resulted in hundreds of lives being lost, so much that India announced steps to strengthen rail safety as part of an action plan for 2023.

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Bihar train accident serves as an unfortunate reminder that Indian Railways need to increase safety measures. Both government and railway authorities should work collaboratively in identifying causes for train accidents in India as well as investing in improving rail safety infrastructure and technology.

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